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Social Distortion - A4 + 5x7" Print

Social Distortion - A4 + 5x7" Print

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This is the social distortion.

A profile of a contemplative woman gazes intently at her own reflection. Yet, what is reflected back at her is a surreal and chromatic distortion, a cacophony of colors and shapes that seem to scream in silent protest. This powerful visual narrative serves as a poignant metaphor for the distorted reality we encounter on social media platforms, where perceptions of beauty, success, and happiness are often warped beyond recognition.

I invite viewers to reflect on their own interactions with the digital realm, where filters, retouching, and curated posts can lead to a skewed sense of self-worth. This piece serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with technology and social media. I encourage viewers to question the authenticity of the images they encounter and to cherish the beauty in imperfection and authenticity.

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