About Us


Hi! I’m Beth - welcome to the weird and wonderful crypt that is the Happy Goth Craft Co, an alternative candle company creating high quality and affordable handmade soy wax candles, wax melts, artwork, and jewellery all with a spooky twist. 

I started making candles in 2016 as a hobby and really because I wanted something that fit my home aesthetic, something that wasn't available on my highstreet shops, these huge jars of colour and over powering fragrance!

I knew I couldn't be the only one who felt like this; so after lots of research, experimenting, successes and failures. I finally had a product I was happy to share. I launched Skulls, coffins, traditional jar candles all BLACK! It pleased my pitch black heart so much that I even started creating artwork for different product labels. One thing led to another and the Happy Goth Craft Co that you see today was created. 

So with collections of Creepy Candles, bewitching artwork and stunning Jewellery I hope you find something in our little emporium of madness that brings a tiny spark of joy to your little black heart! 

Should you ever wish to summon me, you can click here for Instagram or here for TikTok

Or if you're an old school witch you can send me an email at beth@happygothcrafts.com