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Trapped - Digital Art Print - Gothic Home Decor

Trapped - Digital Art Print - Gothic Home Decor

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A representation of the void that envelops those who grapple with depression. The isolation, frustration, and the overwhelm of being in constant battle within your own mind.  The lightning striking across the womans face represents the flashes of powerful negative emotions and thoughts that keep us trapped.

Our Prints are crafted for those who cherish the beauty of dark aesthetics, each piece is a gateway to a another world. Available in 5x7 inch the classic A4 size, and printed on 280 gsm Matte Archival paper, ensuring that each artwork preserves its haunting beauty and profound depth over time.

Whether you're adorning your personal sanctuary or gifting a fellow aficionado of the darker side of art, our prints promise to be a mesmerizing addition to any space. Embrace the darkness with art that speaks to your soul. Explore our collection and let each piece take you on a journey through the shadows, where the essence of gothic culture thrives in every detail.

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