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Fear No Evil: Skull Soy Candle - Dark aesthetic candle

Fear No Evil: Skull Soy Candle - Dark aesthetic candle

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"Fear No Evil" - A Beacon for the Nightbound Spirits

Embrace the night with "Fear No Evil," a candle that resonates with the shadowed realms. Measuring nearly 7 inches in height, this enigmatic creation features a trio of skulls stacked in silent vigil.

Crafted with for the darker heart, "Fear No Evil" is created from a blend of vegetable and soy wax, promising a 100% vegan and cruelty-free light. Chosen with precision, its cotton and paper filament wick self-trims to a perfect length, mirroring the steadfast essence that fuels your gothic essence. Each candle is poured with intention, ensuring a piece as distinct and profound as the spirits it seeks to illuminate.

With a lasting glow of approximately 13 hours, let "Fear No Evil" accompany your midnight musings and solemn of gatherings.  "Fear No Evil" is not merely a candle; it is an ode to those who tread the path less lit, a symbol of unity with the dark. It finds its place within your crypt Standing as a silent ally, a reminder of the strength found in darkness. Let "Fear No Evil" light your way through the shadows.
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