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My Other Ride Is A Hearse: Deadly Decal

My Other Ride Is A Hearse: Deadly Decal

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Deadly decals are the perfect way to make a chilling statement. Crafted for those who appreciate the darker aesthetic, these decorative vinyl decals are a gateway to a world where shadows reign.

🦇 Unyielding Durability: Our Deadly Decals are meticulously cut from weatherproof vinyl, ensuring that they can withstand the harshest of conditions. Just like the Happy Goth logo that has been our car since 2021, our decals have been rigorously tested, enduring multiple car washes, unforgiving winters, and scorching summer heat. They remain steadfast, showing no signs of lifting. 

🕷️ Unleash Your Imagination: These decals are not just for your car; they're perfect for laptops and windows. Motorbikes, quad bikes, and anything else you're driving. Because why should your journey through the shadows be dull?

🕸️ Product Details:

  • Size: Approximately 10.5 x 6 cm
  • Vinyl Type: Permanent.
  • Application: Easy! Just follow the simple steps on the packaging


These decals are designed to stick with you for the long haul, reflecting your unique and mysterious style wherever you go. 

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