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Beyond the Veil - Gothic Dark Aesthetic Soy Candle

Beyond the Veil - Gothic Dark Aesthetic Soy Candle

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Dare to illuminate the shadows with "Beyond the Veil," an artisanal candle crafted for those who find beauty in the dark corners of the world. This unique piece is not just a candle; it's a beacon for the gothic soul, a light that dances on the edges of the unseen and the mystical.

Hand-poured with a meticulous blend of soy and vegetable wax, "Beyond the Veil" promises a clean, eco-friendly burn that speaks to the conscientious spirit without sacrificing the allure of the night.

Featuring a self-trimming cotton and paper filament wick, each flame is a whisper of tales untold, ensuring a consistent burn and a luminous presence that complements any altar or sanctum.

 Enshrouded in mystery, this candle carries a silhouette of a bride veiled in secrecy. It's not just a source of light but a piece of art that resonates with the soul of the alternative.

With its imposing presence (10cm W x 7cm D x 11cm H),  "Beyond the Veil" lets your light shine through the shadows.

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